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But Melly and Pittypatdid not seem to mind.
We must hurry back to theArmory and get the decorating done.
Scarlett recalled that they too had been ather wedding. And at this fresh woe, she broke into renewed outcries.
Andeverybody was going to the bazaar and the ball tonight except her.
No one at Tara had ever said so many charming thingsabout her. And theyreafraid their new dresses wont show off behind booth counters.
Sheburrowed her head in the pillow and cried and kicked her feet atthe tufted counterpane.
Deys a passel of no-count folks in dis town now dat it ain no use talkin about. Pittypat had certainly broadcast her arrival.
It was this happy feminine conspiracy which madeSouthern society so pleasant. Poor thing, she gets that queerlook and I know shes trying not to cry.
Oh, said Melly, her lip quivering at the mention of herbrothers name. But shes such a stick, thought Scarlett, pounding the pillow.
Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue FlagThat bears a single star!
Finally the business section fell behind andthe residences came into view.
Deliverance came in the form she least expected when, during theafter-dinner-nap period, Mrs. Now that Charleswas dead, her place and her sons place were with his kindred. They put their own grief into the backgroundin order to divert her.
But theyd suspect it was your bedroom and thats just as bad. It wassuch a quiet, old-fashioned, gentle home compared with Tara.
Its little enough I can do,since you wouldnt let me go in the army.
Meade, drawing him closer to her, asudden look of strain coming over her face. 
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