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I tell you the earth you dig is alive as asnake that sleeps. Kate, wrapping her yellow shawl round her, walked slowly towardsthe group. It is strange to me, she replied, wondering and a little awed bythe night. I tell you, he said, and I tell you truly.
Go home, and hope to be Men of the Morning Star, Women of the Starof Dawn. You keep saying to yourself: What am I missing?
You fly out of sight, and are gonebeyond the white river of the sky.
While ever there was one little vulnerable chink. Kate had already forgotten what really chill air was like.
She loved him, and that, toher, was the outstanding factor.
Only the spark of fire has never gone into themiddle of it, to start it.
Have the courage of both, the courage of lightning and theearthquake.
He sends sorrow into our feet,and depression into our loins. Ramón dropped his arm, which had been bent over his head. The men of the ringdid the same, and the naked arms were thrust aloft like so manyrockets.
And Cipriano stirred it up till it howledwith desire.
Suddenly, however, the smile went off his face.
And it is good to know it, becausethen one is on the qui vive, no?
His new body had nochildren: would probably never have any. Juanaasked, jabbing her finger downward, towards the bowels of theearth.
When he found he couldnt, then he submitted,and new little fires of joy sprang up in him. That is the manhood of man, and for woman, her womanhood.
And soft, velvety thunder brokeinwardly, strangely.
The earth is stirring beneath you, the sky isrushing its wings above. But he caughtRamóns hand in his small hand, and stood holding it.
The waters are coming, he heard a servant say. Then he said:Sit down a moment, before the Bird shakes water out of his wings. Carlota and Kate emerged from the inner doorway of the house. 
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