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Well, that is where I checked it twicebefore and made it right both times.
Yes, I should imagine he might, if you pressed him.
We are not likely to beseen, and if we are I am sure I dont mind. He sprang up and the packing case fell backward to the floor with aclatter.
And he realized only too well why shehad taken employment in that New York office. I only arrived last night, but I haveheard you spoken of. They are my people; theywere fathers people.
In the course of ourconversation your name was mentioned. Carey, peering after himthrough the window, heaved a sigh.
It was more for fun thananything else, she added, hastily.
Well, it shouldbe right; he would make it so. Do you have what people call premonitions?
But,perhaps, after all, it isnt diplomacy that I want to hear.
And, after all, I hadto go somewhere and do something. I suppose it might if I gave it the chance.
But when he opened the door he found Emily Sayles standing on theplatform. And as decoys they would be almost as satisfactory.
Carey, however, was already behind the desk and had noticed things.
I am glad he is going to be disappointed. What ARE you wastingyour time down here for? You mean youshould have said no when I insisted upon staying here.
I would have done nothing to be ashamed of.
He had been sitting on the bench, swinging his long legs andbending forward to speak.
He was so interested in the birds you were making. Now show me some more of those birds of yours. You mustnt get the idea that I have a pooropinion of the people here in this town. Slack up that peak halliard, roared the captain.
He tossed the journal upon the floor and, rising, looked over hershoulder. You are coming to take supper with mother and me to-morrow evening, Carey. 
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