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A man who had thirty thousand head of cattle tosell held a fortune in his hands.
Lee gave the number tobe thirty-one thousand and sixth odd.
Logan rasped the stiff paper covers flat.
His sons werefighting for what they represented.
And Abe kind of kidded him cool andeasy: my ole man says I cant.
And the morning sunlight danced for theranchers magnifying eyes. In all his life Huett had never beensubjected to a full storm of passion.
The flag man waved back three bulls-eyes and two shots insidethe first circle.
She wept at night whenshe thought he lay asleep. His bellow broughtMitchell around just in time to meet a blow like that from abattering-ram. He had come to fume a little about all thiscrazy obsession. Mister Huett, it waz graa-ndd, boomed the Irishman.
He had come to fume a little about all thiscrazy obsession. Her beautiful face was white instead ofpale, and her great eyes appeared to flare lightnings. This deal has a damn queerlook, but its too big for me to buck alone.
Huetts comrades made sure no one was following them.
Hetold Lucinda and Barbara what had transpired at the railroad station.
Finally Senator Spellman hung up thereceiver and took up his cigar.
To sum it up, women are not themselves nowadays.
This was the most exceedingly full, the greatestmoment of Logan Huetts life.
And then thetrample grew deafening, the dust rose to hide the motley stream. Mitchell or that ghastlymotion-picture, she replied, with suppressed agitation. Lee gave the number tobe thirty-one thousand and sixth odd.
Thus far in hislife of vicissitudes he had not yet been beaten down by adversity. Overhead, airplanes droned about like monstrous bees.
Logan certainly felt the buyers flinty edge, yet he did notseem to grasp sincerity.
On the sunny sidewalk he waited the Government manspleasure.
He was keen about youroffer, and he can get a dozen or more good cowboys and fifty Navvies. Mitchell thinks he has you in a corner now.
Indeed, I was going to talk to you presently.
His big hands shook as he stripped the tight rubber bands from the heavyparcel.
Somewent for thirty and most of them for fifteen or less.
Lucinda appeared wiping her hands on her apron and Barbara ranfrom her room. 
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