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Eric Dann, too, accordingto Slyter, was either a very sick man or pretended to be.
Red entered the river with Larry close on one side and Rollie on theother. Sometime back it was royalty condescending. Sterl restrained himself until this argument ended, then he addressed theleader.
The nightmare days up a V-shaped valley which led to the deceiving pass.
But Friday, last to get back,galvanized their low spirits and energies.
Because youre a queer mixture of fool, liar ancrook. Presently Beryls nurses, despite her protests, led her away to her wagonand bed.
Eric and Larry and Slyterreturned in defeat from their scouting.
She said she could, returnedEric, eagerly.
We will rest the stock, make repairs, and scout for this Gulfroad. He would have kicked the man,too, but for a sharp cry. They groped,missed his, to clutch his blouse.
Presently Beryls nurses, despite her protests, led her away to her wagonand bed.
Dannshearty voice attested to the fact that Beryl had regained consciousness. Kookaburras flew under the trees, perchedon branches to watch the intruders, but they were silent.
Larry had reported dubious ground ahead; Red Krehl hadclimbed to a hilltop to reconnoiter.
The noise lasted for minutesbefore it began to lessen in volume.
They faced vastly differentcountry from that which Eric Dann had pictured to them.
Eric Dann sat down again and bent his gaze upon the ruddy fire embers. Wal, we Americans aint puttin you on nothin, except yore word,rejoined Red, coolly. We should be still hundreds of miles fromthe watershed that ends its streams into the Gulf.
She laid her head back and looked up at him.
Larry and Sterl reported that the trek could be resumed, rain orshine. An once she gotthere, shed come to orful quick. Insupportably slowlythe trek went on into this forbidding land of grass. By a weeks detour, they could have gone round it.
Larry, how big do these Gulf crocodiles grow?
Kings mane and smooth hide were a dead black, yet somehow they shone. He had a livid scar on his forehead, a mark thathe would carry to his grave. 
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