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That is, unless, you bein sick,youd like to have me stay here and keep watch.
End of this Project Gutenberg of Australia eBookRugged Water by Joseph C. Dont go around looking as if youd lost your lastfriend. I am going to Fairborough day after to-morrow.
It was something else she had said which caughthis attention. We-ll, doubtfully, if you think I better. Shes settin up for him, announced Phinney, peering out at thelight. Twas him that tookPhilanders dory and rowed off to the Scallop Flat and got Benoni. I shall stay atSetuckit as long as the superintendent feels he cant do withoutme. The one you began to write me and never finished. I think perhaps I had better sit down again. We have so much to say, she declared, and such a little time tosay it in.
There was an interval here, a rather long interval. Im better this minute than Ive everbeen before since I was here, he declared.
Gammon had never brought me yourletter or told me of your saving father.
Get sail on to her, if you want to, but dont you haul anchortill I give the word.
He stepped towardher, holding out his hands. A desperate manaint responsible for what he does or says in them cases.
Gammons patience had been much tried that morning.
Gammon seized theopportunity to end the interview.
Captain Kellogg has been very, very kind to me. Not till next winter, anyhow, agreed Josh Phinney. 
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