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And youre a pretty goodshot with the bow and arrow, arent you?
Theres nothing to do but bear it, smiled Vance unfeelingly. TheSergeants cigar bobbed up and down between his lips as he spoke. She musta been mighty close at hand when the dirty work was goingon.
His tiny roundeyes flashed, and his lips worked convulsively.
Youd better come with us, sir, he said, in a casual yet urgenttone. He hadnearly reached the front door when Vance rose suddenly and went tothe archway. Markham looked at the girl sympathetically. Heath grunted with satisfaction, and his belligerent manner at oncedisappeared. Im not so sure, returned Markham dubiously.
She caught her breath, and wagged her headjerkily.
Markham studied the paper for several minutes. Heath, with his habitual suspicion of all statements made to thepolice, put the next question.
He mayhave acquired it in falling, but its not likely.
He got up briskly and, going toMarkham, held out his hand.
That bleary-eyed old cormorant has got something up his sleeve,he told Markham disgustedly. Or perhaps he knew about itand decided to take that one chance of being seen.
Drukker is fairly teemin with possibilities.
Her eyes flashed, and she turned adefiant glare on Vance. He stood blinkinghis beady little eyes at us, like a person waking in strangesurroundings.
Yes, I was aware of hisflatterin scrutiny.
Heath stepped nearer to him, and thrust out his chin. Why should he make Belle miserable by his preposterous confession! Professor Dillard regarded her helplessly; and his impotency tookthe form of irritation.
Youre far too forthright for this wicked world, Sergeant. I thought Id take a stroll along the river before goingback to work. The girl started to speak, but Vance halted her with a gesture.
Drukker says he heard a scream in his mothers room. Ill prefer the charge when Iget to the office. Heath had been sullen for the past hour, and had looked on at theproceedings with bored disdain. 
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