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So the good-humoured Sir Gabriel set himself to devise amusement for indoors.
>From a knoll he saw the others turn, while the prickers hornssounded to recall the hounds. There was small relish of salvation in his new life.
You have his colouring, Gabriel, said Lord Avelard.
But this was no girl, no woman,but the very goddess of love, Venus sprung from the foam.
You are master here, and myservants will do your bidding as they would my own. He is Cambridge bred,but the devil sent him to sow tares in the Oxford fields. That had beenMother Sweetbreads gift, the work of the wise woman at Shipton-under-the-Forest. It was she who rang the silver bell which brought the servants andconcluded the meal. The other traveller, Simon Rede, for the most part kept silence.
Peters jealousy burned fierce, for ithad much to feed on.
You have set your finger on our weakness. There are many resources for thevictorious. He at any rate was notout of temper, for his cheeks puckered in smiles.
Thislord was good for so many mounted men, this squire for so manyfootmen.
It became gentler, less wary and assured, and he smiled asif his memories were happy.
She spoke only to Simon,who gave her short answers. The air in the room was as heavy as that of a chapel at high mass.
But it was her eyes that held him in a spell. She had some grievance against him, and barred himresolutely from her world.
She offered hercheek to Peter in a cousinly good-night, and to his lips it wascold.
My lord keeps his room, the usher toldhim, and his heart went faster. What part has a scholar in thatmagnificence? The thought ofSimon Rede as a lover of Sabine had thrown him into a mood of deepdisquiet. He came back slowly to consciousness andstruggled for a little to discover his whereabouts.
Four wore the Bishops livery and carried halberts. For aninstant the melody came strong and full, and he could almost catchthe words.
It is timeto let you deeper into our plans, for they touch you nearest ofall. He was no longer in rags, but wore a sober clerks garb muchsplashed with mire. 
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