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Davids prayers were her only claim to distinction,and she was afraid he was going to refuse now. She felt as out of place as the blank,unfaded space left on the wall where a picture had hung. Its going to beprinted just as Ive written it, too.
But I got quite fond of him after awhile. Aunt Becky began to laugh andlaughed until her bed shook.
How many of you would like to live yourlives over again if you could?
What a blessing he didnt come in, said Uncle Pippin imperturbably.
Aunt Becky produced a folded paper from under her pillow. It averages up about fifty-fifty, said William Y. Shemust be one of the clan or she wouldnt be here, but he couldntplace her at all. Mrs Digby Dark thinks sheshould have that because her father gave it to me.
David, poor wretch, had no intention of refusing, much as hedisliked the prospect.
Oswald Dark suddenly came to the open window and lookedin at these foolish and distracted people. There was a chorus of laughs of varying timbre, among which DrownedJohns boomed like an earthquake. And you couldnt resent it if you wanted the jug. Whatever the reason, Oswald Dark was now considered a harmlesslunatic.
Perhaps Aunt Becky had divined that wistful dream of the old woman.
Peter continued to stare at Donna as ifmesmerized.
I was quite mad about you, said Aunt Becky musingly.
She turned towardsPeters window as he laid his arms on the sill and bent inward.
Ive always wanted to know and Illnever have another chance.
Hecould also knit socks and write poetry. Noel, thought Gay, is leaving the bank now. What was a joke to Artemas was atragedy to her. Besides, it made it so confoundedlydifficult to mow.
Heaven only knew how long it would be before she wouldget to the jug. 
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