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Wal, to-day I went to sleep thar in the shade on the bank.
Tom was all ready, quivering for theword, yet glad of a few moments rest.
Theres worse than bad Comanches now in the huntin field.
Us hunters willhave done what the soldiers couldnt do.
Tom could not see anything of the retreat, if such it was.
Cherrysface was pale and the freckles stood out prominently.
Ive got to git in thet fight,asserted Thorndyke. Almost the same instant came thebursting crack of a rifle. Still, there were signs ofa possible panic. ButDevine omitted to mention what Pilchucks force had suffered.
I was scared turrible, an I jest backed off the bank an fell inthe river. Already the far slope of the canyonwas covered by ponies dragging travois.
If the Indians were in strong enough force they would effecta massacre of Pilchucks men. Im after wantin to throw in with you, he announced to Pilchuck. Nothing but bullets could have stopped him.
Most of the buffalo were down, and those standing werestupid with drowsiness.
He submittedto a painful treatment of his wounds. But I wasnt told to fetch you, protested Tom. Something like a sharp puff of wind whipped by. He heard no more bullets whiz over his head. His action was swiftlyfollowed by his men.
Tom saw riders throw up theirarms and pitch headlong to the ground.
Hisfollowers would creep up to him and make some comment. With the suddenrelease of strain the men reacted according to their individualnatures.
Now, here, you boys let medo the shootin. String out, an come fast, he called back.
He heard no more bullets whiz over his head. The herd kept massed, uneasy in some quarters, but for the mostpart not disturbed by the shooting.
Tom kept the lead, ten feet in front ofThorndyke, who was a like distance ahead of Devine. 
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