Comment stresstest SNF 2007-08-30 17:08:33: close, but still not quite right

rissman at rissman at
Thu Aug 30 17:08:34 PDT 2007

I found that "HomePosition" in the currect fsm.ini was at -3056 and the backup file had that at 4115.  All other position constants were the same, so I edited the file to that number.  I was then able to get the system to go to "home" (all the way in) and "park" (all the way out).  With EricP's help I was able to make a measurement of the standard, which came out to the correct number.  Unfortunately, however, the stage would occasionally go crazy and lose the correct location.  If I put it back to the right position (usually by turning off the stage and moving the counters), the home and park will work reliably.   Unfortunately I am not confident that it won't get lost, so I don't think we should release it at this time.  I will continue to try swaping out components.  It may be the computer controller card, and we don't have one of those and they are no longer made.

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