Comment stresstest SNF 2007-09-06 17:34:53: Could be ready to go.

rissman at rissman at
Thu Sep 6 17:34:54 PDT 2007

Today I did the following:
1. I tried the old hardware.  Mary thought maybe if it worked the same as the new one, we could return the new one.  Unfortunately there is something wrong, probably with the lead screw.  At approximately -40 mm it makes a grinding noise.  I changed back to the new hardware.
2. I renamed the FSM directory and renamed the c:\windows\fsm.ini file and reloaded the software.  The system ran the stage backwards, that is in when I pushed out and viceversa.
3. I swapped the old fsm.ini file back in.  The system ran properly, however when I did a map, it gave me a directory error and crashed.
4. I copied all non system files from the old directory into the new one.  The system ran the map properly, but now the controller was once again intermittent.
5. I reloaded the software again, and with Ed's help, copied ONLY the file.  The system seems to work properly now.  I cycled from home to park and back again about 5 times.  I ran a map and it seemed to work.
Uli to check it out and release if appropriate.

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