Problem sts 2003-03-14 00:48:45: Report Problem for sts

sabnis at sabnis at
Fri Mar 14 12:48:46 PST 2003

After cleaning the chamber this evening, I ran a 1000 A
std. mix frequency nitride recipe.  The resulting 
index of refraction was 1.932 and the 6:1 BOE etch 
rate was 450 A/min.  The index is substantially lower than
it should be (normally > 2), and the corresponding BOE
etch rate is too high (normally 200 A/min).  I think this 
indicates a leak in the system, resulting in parasitic
incorporation of oxygen in the film.  I recommend that no one
run a nitride process on the machine until the problem  is
fixed.  Somone should qualify the machine by running
several SiN depositions to ensure the nitride films
reproducibly exhibit an index > 2.
- vijit 

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