Problem sts SNF 2007-12-12 00:58:00: Pressure Tolerance error

gibby at gibby at
Wed Dec 12 00:58:01 PST 2007

Pressure tolerance error encountered during warmup step of nitride predep program.  Nominal process pressure is 500 mT, actual pressure is only 350-380 mT.  Gas flow: N2 only, set at 10 sccm, reading 10 sccm ( the N2 flow meter on the front of the machine reads 1.0).  APC set point 0.0, reading 91.0.  After aborting, the APC angle dropped to 0.0-0.2 during purge cycle.  Ran process again, but adjusted N2 flow meter to run at 2.0.  This time, the process ran normally.

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