Computer Replacement

Anthony Flannery flannery at leland.Stanford.EDU
Thu Jun 29 19:07:04 PDT 2000

I have transferred the control program from the old machine to a newer
Pentium box.  In testing so far it has started up, run the beginning
purge cycle, an O2 descum, and a mixed frequency nitride all without a

I will leave both machines there for a week or so to make sure that
things are functioning properly.  If you run into a problem, you can
switch back to the old machine by moving the serial cable from the newer
one under the table back to the 286 up top.  If you do run into
problems, let me know, but so far things have been running smoothly.

I have also backed up the program and recipes to a zip disk.  The zip
drive won't be set up all the time, but it will be a way to restore
things in the event of a failure.


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