Computer Replacement

Anthony Flannery flannery at leland.Stanford.EDU
Thu Mar 23 16:20:45 PST 2000

The software that runs the STS is an antiquated DOS-based program.  It
will not run under any windows based system.  Because of this, some
potential timing problems, and i/o card compatibility,  replacing that
computer system is not a straightforward proposition.

Because of the condition of the monitor and the looming, inevitable
failure of the hard drive, Keith and I will try getting the software to
run on a newer computer next week.  We will do this without dismantling
the current sytstem, although we will need to reserve the machine and
block out an hour or two of time.

If we are successful, we'll leave both systems in there for a period of
time to ensure that the new system is functioning properly.  We plan on
doing this next week after Tuesday some time.

If it doesn't work, we'll have to look at adding an video card and a new
hard drive to the existing system.  While this might work just fine, it
would require bringing down the existing system to do that. Because
there is no backup, we'd prefer to get it running on an independent
system rather than risk not being able to bring it back up after working
on it.

Upgrading the software is not an option for two reasons. Because our
system is a prototype, no one at STS is exactly sure of the
behind-the-scenes details our system would require.  Second, the cost of
researching that and implementing the control on a new platform is quite

If you've any concerns or questions, e-mail Keith, Elaheh Sigari, or

Tony Flannery

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