STS Status and Carbide Switchover

Anthony Flannery flannery at leland.Stanford.EDU
Fri Nov 17 13:47:48 PST 2000

Hi Gang,

Thanks to Len, Chris, and Ray, the STS is back up.  From what Len tells
me, we had problems with both the blower and the pump.  CHris has done a
calibration run.  According to him, the films are o.k., but the pump
speed seems slightly slower.  This should only be a problem if you are
running a special high flow process.  For the standard recipes, it's
just fine.  As always, if you are doing an ultra-sensitive run for
stress or refractive index, calibration runs are a must.

I am still planning on switching over to carbide, but I know there are a
whole gaggle of you out there who need to get some runs done.  Now's the
time.  I'll plan on switching over late in the day on Monday.  If you
need it longer than that, let me know and I'll hold off.

Tony Flannery

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