Purging old recipies from STS PECVD

Eric Perozziello eap at gloworm.Stanford.EDU
Mon Jul 8 17:19:32 PDT 2002

Dear STS Users,

 We are in the process of purging old recipies from the STS PECVD
 computer.  Since the machine was rebuilt, the recipies have changed,
 and "standard" nitride and oxide recipies have been created by Jeanie

 We will not throw away the old recipies-  they are archived on the
 LEFT PC in the CAD room.  But it doesn't make sense to keep them on the
 STS machine since they are no longer valid.

 Some of you have started making your own new recipies.  If you
 would like to keep those recipies on the STS, please send an
 email back stating your name and the recipies you would like to
 have remain on the STS machine.  Again, all others have been
 archived to the left PC in the CAD room.

 For your information, the new standard recipies and the relevant data
 (stress, sep rate, refr. index, etc) are listed on laminated cards at
 the machine.

 Thank you,
 Eric P

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