Deposition of Silicon Nitride over Quartz or Glass

Ofer Levi levi at
Sun Jun 13 21:14:43 PDT 2004

Hi All,
I am trying to deposit a 530 nm thick and uniform layer of Silicon Nitride 
over Quartz using the STS PECVD tool.
I would like to get some information about the uniformity and deposition 
rates of Silicon Nitride over Quartz, and some information about the 
difference from deposition over Silicon wafers.
Jim McVittie told me that in his experiments few years back he found ~ 8% 
slower deposition rate compared with what he had over silicon (This Friday 
was calibrated to be ~ 70.6 Ang./minute for 2500 Ang. thick SiNx over 
Silicon, total chamber sidewall coating at 2.9 micron). Rafael and Mike 
updated me that edge effects also change rate around sample edges.
Any additional information from people who have some experience with 
deposition over Quartz /glass wafers will be great.

I also would like to gather information about the index of refraction 
dispersion of these thin films in wavelengths above 633 nm.

Ofer Levi

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