Ammonia is now down

Dick Crane rcrane at
Tue Aug 16 11:31:17 PDT 2005

STS and ag4108 users,

Concerning the below mentioned shutdown. The NH3 gas line was purged on 
Monday, two days ahead of schedule. NH3 is not available presently. The 
source was not correctly labeled which misled us in scheduling the shutdown.

Sorry for any inconvenience the early shutdown has caused,


A friendly reminder and an important change

Change: The ag4108 will be down for all processes during this shutdown 
because the ag4100 N2 and O2 lines will be welded into the ag4108 supply 

Fab users,

STS (dep) and ag4108 disruption alert, August 17, 2005, one and a half 
weeks duration.

The ag4108 and the STS pecvd tools will be off-line for processes 
requiring ammonia gas for one and a half weeks starting around August 
17. I believe the one and a half weeks quoted is generous and the actual 
time may be less than 1  week. This schedule allows permitting and 
inspection activities to occur at the same time as needed for a 
scheduled furnace shutdown, thus minimizing overall fab downtime.

Please plan ahead for your tool needs. 

Thank you for your patience and support,



The NH3 gas cabinet supplies both the ag4108 and STS tools. NH3 gas 
lines are being extended to the ag4100 (new install) and the ALD 
(rebuilt spectrum2).  Since the toxic and house gases are regulated by 
Santa Clara County Building and Environmental Departments, all work must 
be tested and inspected according to their timetable. We will complete 
as much preliminary work as possible prior to shutting down gases.
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