Nitride Recipes are GOOD!

Jeannie Perez jperez at
Thu Mar 1 14:06:25 PST 2007

First I'd like to apologize for having said "Shut off Argon flow" on 
Tuesday". We thought only of getting the system to run until Jim 
Haydon could come in the next day and work on the Argon key. What 
happen is that someone turned the Nitrogen flow off instead of Argon. 
This created an error on Nitride recipes, because the first step (of 
3 steps) is a nitrogen warm up for one minute. Second step is your 
deposition set-up and the third step is 16 hour warm down.

All nitride recipes are OK!  DO NOT Turn off or down Nitrogen or 
Argon flows. Use only the black toggle switch to turn on Argon for 
stand-by mode or off to use the system.
Any questions please see me.

Jeannie Perez
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Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
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