problem with loading/venting procedure

Kristiaan De Greve kdegreve at
Tue Mar 6 19:07:46 PST 2007

Dear STS users,

when trying to vent the STS system in order to load my samples, I
encountered a problem in that the valve seemed not to open; in any case, I
couldn't vent.

Here's what I did:

* switched off the Ar flow, pressed F3 "vent" and F1 "open valve", and did
get the message "venting chamber - please wait";
* however, I couldn't hear the valve open;
* waited for about 15 minutes; the chamber lid/base gap hadn't opened -
pressing the blue buttons obviously didn't help either.
* repeated this procedure (interrupting the former run through 'F1') for 3
more times, but in vain.

Being a new user, I didn't risk rebooting, hence I interrupted the last
venting cycle, and switched on the Ar flow again. I left the coral status
on 'problem'.

Does anybody know how to fix this?

Many thanks and best regards,

Kristiaan De Greve.

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