STS PECVD Cleans Policy

Ed Myers edmyers at
Thu Oct 1 16:32:24 PDT 2009


There appears to be confusion related to the use of community service 
when cleaning the STS PECVD system.  The following paragraph from 
Jeannie defines the expectation.  We will monitor Coral and the log 
sheets to make sure the correct procedures are being 
followed.  Please note, if you are responsible for a process which 
triggers a clean before it's time, you must complete the clean before 
leaving the system.  It is not OK to have another lab member complete 
the clean cycle.

"The low temperature users or any users bring the STS down before its 
time, is responsible for a full clean and should be charged. They are 
to do the full clean themselves. When we go down for a regular clean 
(because we've reached the required amount of deposition (4.5 um) or 
seeing particulates) the community is responsible for helping with 
the clean and can charge to "community service STS".


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