what's with all these 18+ hour signups for the STS?

Dario Amodei damodei at princeton.edu
Mon Aug 30 19:34:09 PDT 2010

I am curious about this as well.  Is there any chance I could use the 
machine for 20 minutes (5500 A of high-frequency oxide) sometime in the 
next two days?  It is a very short deposition and it is holding up my 
entire process.  I tried to do my deposition last night but got the 
now-infamous silane error.  Zpatel, fungus?

Alex Neuhausen wrote:
> I'm genuinely curious. Fungus, jrjain and zpatel, what do you do 
> during an 18-24 hour session on the STS? 4 microns of oxide each on a 
> case full of 6 inch wafers? 

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