Reservation hours and Clean process on STS PECVD

Jeannie Perez nperez at
Tue Aug 31 08:27:54 PDT 2010

Hi Everyone,
I don't know if this is why you've reserved so much time on STS PECVD. 
First the answer is yes you can make STS PECVD A CLEAN tool, but you 
have to have additional training.  I have a check off list with 
instructions on how to clean the system and you have to _return_ the 
sheet back  to me each and every time the equipment becomes a clean 
tool.  The other thing is that you can't do this process during prime 
time only. We limit you or anyone else to no more than four hours during 
prime time (8AM to 6PM). If you need six hours, at least two of the six 
hours has to be on off hours.
Example 6AM until noon or 2 PM until 8 PM.

1)Staff needs to OK the equipment you plan on using after going through 
STS Clean tool
2) you need additional training
3) pick up a check off list for this clean from me or Ed Myers
4) need to check out clean box with clean tools for this clean  process
5) need to return check off list back to me or Ed.
This is to be done each and ever time you want  (STS PECVD) to run a 
clean process!
Please adjust your reservations,
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