Reservation hours and Clean process on STS PECVD

Dinh Ton dinh at
Tue Aug 31 17:34:33 PDT 2010

Hi Y'all

During this period of heavy usage,  please be considerate to other users :
a)  If you don't use your time, please send a note.
b)  if you THINK you will finish early and have a lot of time left --
please let others know.   If you reserved for 5 hrs and when you put
your wafers in -- you only need 2 hrs -- please DO send a message.  I
& others might need to get in to do a short run if it's available.

Best regards,
Dinh Ton

On 8/31/10, Jeannie Perez <nperez at> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I don't know if this is why you've reserved so much time on STS PECVD.
> First the answer is yes you can make STS PECVD A CLEAN tool, but you
> have to have additional training.  I have a check off list with
> instructions on how to clean the system and you have to _return_ the
> sheet back  to me each and every time the equipment becomes a clean
> tool.  The other thing is that you can't do this process during prime
> time only. We limit you or anyone else to no more than four hours during
> prime time (8AM to 6PM). If you need six hours, at least two of the six
> hours has to be on off hours.
> Example 6AM until noon or 2 PM until 8 PM.
> 1)Staff needs to OK the equipment you plan on using after going through
> STS Clean tool
> 2) you need additional training
> 3) pick up a check off list for this clean from me or Ed Myers
> 4) need to check out clean box with clean tools for this clean  process
> 5) need to return check off list back to me or Ed.
> This is to be done each and ever time you want  (STS PECVD) to run a
> clean process!
> Please adjust your reservations,
> Jeannie

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