STS PECVD released booked from 13:00 Sept. 29 to 08:00 Sept.30

Yongliang Yang ylyang at
Wed Sep 28 21:21:13 PDT 2011

Sorry to spam, I have changed my reservation to the weekend.


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Subject: STS PECVD booked from 13:00 Sept. 29 to 08:00 Sept.30

Hi, STS PECVD users

I have booked the STS from 13:30 Sept. 29  to 8:00 Sept. 30 because I need to do the special clean to keep my wafers from gold contamination. As you may know, the special clean takes about 10 hours. My deposition will take about 5 hours, and after that it almost 4.5um, so I need to clean it for the next user.

Please let me know If you want to use it during my reservation, I can change it. Sorry for take such a long reservation. 

to Jeannie, I will go to your office tomorrow morning to get the check list.

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