Below are results from today's tests

Jeannie Perez nperez at
Thu May 31 15:27:50 PDT 2012

I ran six passes through STS PECVD,  Dual frequency nitride is still NOT 
working correctly.

We are up for Low Frequency oxides and High Frequency nitride. In the 
pass I've ran recipes before where everything seem to work and than
STS PECVD started having errors so again this may still be intermittent 
problems. Stay with the system while processing.

Low Frequency oxide deposition rate was 393A / min. with the index of 
refraction 1.47. NORMAL!!!!!
High Frequency Nitride deposition rate was 99A / min with the index of 
refraction 2.06, NORMAL!!!!

The MFC for nitrogen is sitting next to the Argon toggle. Please do NOT 
touch this MFC, it is very sensitive.

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