STS PECVD is UP for Hi Frequency processes only.

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Tue Nov 20 15:11:21 PST 2012


STS has been tested with the high frequency, but before I give you the  
test result a waring with Nitride. All characterization was with dual 
frequency, so if you want to use High frequency nitride in STS PECVD you 
characterize it for your process.

I spoke with two engineers about the upper electrode metal being 
sputtered  when cleaning and one of them feels that we are getting 
metals in our film the other one says that with the pressures we use and 
the powers being so low and most of all we coat the system with one 
micron of oxide before we even start to deposit that this shouldn't be a 
problem. It will be up to you in deciding if you want to use it.

Here are the changes , FOUR new recipes until further notice.*_Only High 
Frequency is to be used_*, so the Clean recipes, oxide coat recipe, 
nitride coat recipe and standard processing recipes are to be use. Here 
they are:
1) To etch back, use hifrqcln recipe. Less than two hours of stripping 
back. Make sure view port and platen are clean. Follow the the seven 
steps at the bottom of the log sheet as before.
2) To coat with (10,000) of HF oxide, use recipe hfoxcoat.
3) To coat with nitride (2500A), use recipe hfnicoat.
4) Do not edit this or any of my recipes. Copy and save under you own 
name so that you able to edit. Make sure a 12 (year) is at the end of 
your recipe name. Example, xxhfni12
5) Copy from recipes  "std_hfni or std_hfox" and save for processing.
Oxide deposition rate 348A/min, 352A/min, 354A/min, 360A/min, index of 
reflection 1.46.
Nitride deposition rate 96A/min, 96A/min, 95A/min. Etch rate in BOE 6:1  
156A/min. Index of refraction 2.05.
Nitride is tensile, 428.5 MPa

Up for Qualified Users and if any problems during the holidays, Pradeep 
is gracious enough to help out with any issues at STS PECVD. Always test 
before running.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,
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