Comment stsetch SNF 2008-02-26 14:25:58: C4F8 Update

mcherry at mcherry at
Tue Feb 26 14:25:59 PST 2008

Running DEEP:
-C4F8 error at 2' (minutes) 30" (seconds) into 5' etch, resumed and completed etch
-Another error 4'55" into a second 5' etch, resumed (for the 5 seconds) and completed etch
-Another error 10'21" into a 15' etch, resumed and immediately received coil power error, resumed again
-Another C4F8 error 13'44" into same 15' etch, resumed and completed etch
However, wafer and PR were completely burned after all this, burning through nitride windows.  I did not inspect the wafer outside of the chamber between etches, since I was not concerned with the integrity of this wafer.
The C4F8 flow appeared irregular and unreliable throughout the etches, even though there were only these periodic errors.

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