Comment stsetch SNF 2009-05-14 13:26:09: SF6 flow update

eenriquez at eenriquez at
Thu May 14 13:26:09 PDT 2009

Preliminary tests shows that the actual SF6 flow can be as much as 2X more than what is indicated on the screen.  The flow however has been stable at this level for over 1 year.
Corrective action plan:
1) Order a new calibrated SF6 MFC (5/15)
2) Verify the actual gas flow of all the gases using an external calibrated mass flow meter.  (5/20)
3) Run process quals (5/20 ?)	
4) Troubleshoot cause of flow deviation (5/20)
5) Inform the STSetcher user community of possible changes (5/22)
6) If MFC is found to be defective; replace the SF6 MFC (6/1)
7) Run process quals (6/1 ?)

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