Comment stsetch SNF 2010-06-08 12:02:10: Qual after FSE

latta at latta at
Tue Jun 8 12:02:10 PDT 2010

I ran a qual after the field service repairs.  This is run without the spring loaded pips;
Si ER = 2.02um/min
PR ER = 212A/min
Sel Si : PR = 95.3 : 1
So, improvement from last qual (Si ER = 1.71) but still not up to the normal 2.5-2.7um/min for Si.
Observations during the qual; He pressure stable, He flow oscillates from 2.3 to 2.9 and back, SF6 flow overshoots the requested 130sccm to about 144sccm then decreases to about 118sccm.  Never really stable at 130sccm.

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