Shutdown stsetch SNF 2011-11-27 08:28:56: Blown CDA line ...

shott at shott at
Sun Nov 27 09:20:35 PST 2011

Replaced blown CDA line with a nitrogen line run in blue parflex from the nearest nitrogen house supply to the pump rack and electronic box for stsetch.
This does three things:
1. Fixes an error that likely occurred 20 years ago:  the pump and cabinet purge should have always been connected to house nitrogen instead of to CDA.
2. It fixes the blown line.
3. It gets rid of the CDA usage close to the epi burn box.  AGC will be removing that on Monday and needed that line moved anyhow.
Note: I think that it would be worthwhile to find something better than Parflex for flexible connections for house nitrogen, CDA, and various water lines.  This stuff always breaks.  There must be a more reliable material.

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