stsetch holder

Uma Srinivasan uma.srinivasan at
Wed Aug 2 09:29:18 PDT 2000

There are a number of new o-rings in STS/Nancy's trolley.  You could
change it.


At 06:42 AM 8/2/00 -0700, sjlee at wrote:
>Just letting y'all know that the wafer holder is out of commission for a 
>little while.  Coral is down at the moment, so Len recommended that I 
>broadcast by email.
>The user before me (pickard) must've had a mishap and lost all the 
>resist.  Unfortunately the O-ring looks pretty fried and there's some 
>other residue.
>The rest of the system seems okay, though.  I made a number of successful 
>runs without the holder.  Luckily my wafers only required shallow etches 
>with relatively short etch times.
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