He leaking fixed

Lian Zhang lian at Stanford.EDU
Thu Oct 26 15:05:00 PDT 2000

Actually, I think it's a good idea to reload the wafer if you see any
leakage from the pressure/flow readings.  Many times it's just not loaded
well and the problem is gone after you take the wafer out and reload it to
the holder (especially if you pay attention to the o-ring).  --Just a few


> Folks,
> Recent reports of He flow and pressure instability during etching using
> the holder have prompted us to replace the holder and lip seal.  The
> problem has gone away, but in the future, please look carefully at the
> holder before use.  Report any scratches and clean up any residule resist.
> With time, polymer will build up on the backside of the holder and this
> may contribute to the He leaking problem.  Let us know if you observe the
> build up of polymer.
> Thanks,
> 				Nancy

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