Status of Machine....

Nancy Latta latta at
Fri Dec 14 18:20:10 PST 2001


As many of you have noticed by personal observation or by watching the
flashing status lights via remote coral, we've had a week of
intermittent problems with the system.

Without enumberating all the incidents, but in order to give you an idea
of what has gone on recently, here is a summary of the problems;

Labmembers have been reporting an unusual error message, 'chamber
pressure exceeded'.  Additionally, the turbo has done it's
not-so-unusual shutting down.  Mid week we changed the chamber lid
o-ring.  It needed it, but the high chamber pressure persisted.

In that last couple of hours Cesar has removed and cleaned the
foreline.  The inside of the pipe was coated with the sulfur based
by-product of the etch process.  This should take care of the problem.

Please keep an eye on your chamber pressures.  Had an increase in
chamber pressure been reported to us early last week when they first
started to occur, we could have scheduled a trouble shooting session and
saved valuable reservations for the labmembers who got caught up in this
week's problems.

Thanks for your help,


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