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Matt Hopcroft hopcroft at
Wed Feb 28 09:48:27 PST 2001


	Here is a summary of the information I received regarding surface
roughness of Si surfaces etched in our STS:

1) Surface roughness of the etched surfaces (etch pits) has been measured
to be 400A (maximum feature height difference), using the standard etch

2) Depth of scalloping on the sidewalls etched using the smoodeep recipe
were measured to be less than 20nm, with scallops typically spaced
at 0.2um.

3) Preparation of the Si surface before etching is important for achieving
smooth etch surfaces. An HF dip can help, and recent papers have reported
better results from a H2O/NH4OH/H2O2 clean.

	Thanks for all your help.


Matt Hopcroft
hopcroft at

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