Please help: Sunday 10:00 am

Aaron Partridge aaronp at
Sun Jul 15 10:28:37 PDT 2001

i got it -- aaron.

At 10:28 AM -0700 7/15/01, Linda Miller wrote:
>I have signed up for the STS from 9-2 today, Sunday, July 15.
>Unfortunately, the system has a wafer locked in the chmaber and the turbo
>is down.  Could one of the super-users stop in this morning to give me a
>hand.  I flew up from LA this morning just to use this system, so I'm
>desperate to get it running.  Please call me at 725-3681.  If i am not
>here, I am off trying to locate someone to help, please stop by anyway.
>Linda Miller. SiWave, inc.

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