some free time.

Michael S. Bartsch mbartsch at Stanford.EDU
Sat Jul 21 17:56:06 PDT 2001

Hi Eric,

I had a similar problem last night -- in my case, 10um of SPR220
completely wiped out after only 2 hours of etching.  I didn't write it up
as a problem because I thought my new masks might just have had more open
area than I was accustomed to working with.  I experienced the problem
both with and without the wafer holder on my long etches...  If anyone
else experiences the same problem, please pass it along to the list.  
Maybe one of our "advanced users"  (Aaron?) can make a diagnosis.


> I will have some free time opening up later today (sat) and tomorrow
> (sunday).  If anyone needs the time, grab some.  I had a particular
> problem I am trying to solve-  My resist disappeared faster than normal.
> It may be a chuck cooling issue on the machine, so beware.  
> -Eric

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