STSetch is ready for processing

Len Booth booth at
Wed Jul 24 15:06:57 PDT 2002

Users -
The machine is ready for use again.  Cesar spent several hours
cleaning up the chamber last night.  Then user lwpan etched thorough
his 300 micron device wafer, and through the 500 micron carrier
that it was bonded to, and then into the Helium lip seal & the
chuck (more than 6 hours etching).  He did not check his etch rate for
this new layout that he was trying for the first time, and he did
not stay near the machine and monitor the process.
I've taken it all apart again & cleaned it up, installed a
new lip seal, & ran the O2clean recipe for 30 min.
Chamber should be seasoned before regular processing.

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