STSetch hardware & operator update!

Len Booth booth at
Thu Mar 21 13:26:47 PST 2002

STSetch users -
	The Ion Guage controller on our machine has been
removed this morning.  It has been a long-time source of
software faults, & required that the users keep pressing
the "Emiss" button frequently.  With the help of STS
we removed the controller from the machine this morning,
loaded a wafer, ran a etch, & unloaded the wafer with no 
software faults.
	Users will no longer need to look for "Err" conditions
from the Ion Guage controller.
	There are likely to be other fault conditions in
other parts of the machine, so please report any errors 
or problems that you encounter using the CORAL problem 
reports, so that we may continue to improve your 
"etching experience".

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