STSetch cathode temperature

Len Booth booth at
Tue Mar 4 13:34:20 PST 2003

STSetch users -
        Nancy has been aware of discussions
from some users regarding the appearance of "grass" 
in the etched areas after some recipes.
        I called STS this morning and they said
that the general range of cathode temperatures that
most of their etch customers use is 10C to 35C, with
the majority of processes being run at 20C.
        On our machine, the cathode temperature has
been about 10C-12C for many months.  
        With Nancys approval I have set the Cathode
temperature to 20 deg C, to minimize the appearance
of "grass".  If any users still experience the "grass"
problem, please use CORALs Problem report to let 
everyone know, so we can continue to track down the cause.
        Also report any changes in Resist erosion rates
that may be due to cathode temperature changes.

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