Change in STS etch chiller temperature

Donald Disney ddisney at
Thu Mar 20 08:51:03 PST 2003

My etch results have also been degraded, apparently by the change in chiller
temperature.  I would like to see how many people were adversely impacted by
this change vs. the number that benefited.  I suspect more were adversely
affected.  If so, I request that the SNF staff please consider reseting the
temperature.  Please send your comments.

Don Disney

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Subject: STS etch

Dear STS Etch users,

The chiller temperature on the STS Etch was recently changed from 13 degree 
C to 20 C in response to users complaining about grass formation at 13 
degree C, and will stay at 20 C for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately my

process is ruined by this temperate change. So with Nancy's approval, next 
Tuesday and Wednesday the chiller will be turned back to 13 C so that I can 
get all my wafers etched. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Best regards.


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