Change in STS etch chiller temperature

Sharleen Beckwith beckwith at
Thu Mar 20 10:00:01 PST 2003

At 8:51 AM -0800 3/20/03, Donald Disney wrote:
>My etch results have also been degraded, apparently by the change in chiller
>temperature.  I would like to see how many people were adversely impacted by
>this change vs. the number that benefited.  I suspect more were adversely
>affected.  If so, I request that the SNF staff please consider reseting the
>temperature.  Please send your comments.
>Don Disney

I was worried, after spending days/weeks dealing with resist 
problems, and running resist
etch tests, that now my resist wouldn't work again. I object to 
randomly changing machine
parameters without any testing what-so-ever. When I asked process and 
maintenance about
how this would affect resist etching no one knew. We etched our 
wafers early this morning
for 4 hours and the resist held up. Lucky for us.

I do not know what affect this will have on the Molecular Biology 
Consortium/Hawaii wafers,
however. These wafers were difficult to etch to begin with.


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