Change in STS etch chiller temperature

Myers, Alan M alan.m.myers at
Thu Mar 20 10:41:24 PST 2003

	The change in temperature resulted in "grass" at the bottom of my
structures.  The more anisotropic the etch, the worse the grass was.  Now
that the temperature has been reset back to its original value, the grass is
gone and my wafers look great!  


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From: Donald Disney [mailto:ddisney at]
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Subject: Change in STS etch chiller temperature

My etch results have also been degraded, apparently by the change in chiller
temperature.  I would like to see how many people were adversely impacted by
this change vs. the number that benefited.  I suspect more were adversely
affected.  If so, I request that the SNF staff please consider reseting the
temperature.  Please send your comments.

Don Disney

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Subject: STS etch

Dear STS Etch users,

The chiller temperature on the STS Etch was recently changed from 13 degree 
C to 20 C in response to users complaining about grass formation at 13 
degree C, and will stay at 20 C for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately my

process is ruined by this temperate change. So with Nancy's approval, next 
Tuesday and Wednesday the chiller will be turned back to 13 C so that I can 
get all my wafers etched. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Best regards.


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