Change in STS etch chiller temperature

Sharleen Beckwith beckwith at
Thu Mar 20 13:27:51 PST 2003

Hi All:

>According to the logs, the original chiller was re-installed, and set to
>the correct temperature (18 deg C, Cesar Baxter, July 22).
>Sometime later (no record), the ciller was changed to 12 C.  This
>has caused numerous problems for numerous people.  We couldn't get a
>clean bottom on trenches or open areas even with the baseline process
>(something that is pretty fundamental!).

This begs the following questions: Who changed it to 12C, why, and why was
no one told?

I don't have a problem with parameters changing when necessary. I do have
a problem when things get changed and the user base is not informed. For all
I know that change to 12C could have caused the problems with my resist.
I have spent numerous hours trying to figure out what was wrong. It worked,
then it didn't work, now it is working again.


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