STS time

Myers, Alan M alan.m.myers at
Sun Aug 29 17:36:09 PDT 2004

Dear Nancy and fellow STS users,

	I want to officially state my objections to the current STS time policy.  I think its too disadvantageous to the majority of STS users that someone can sign up for eight hours of non-primetime tool time in one shot.  This is best demonstrated by what just happened.  Here are the facts

1. Naqian signed up for an 8 hour block of time today Sunday which ends at 20:00 tonight.
2. Naqian did not send out a note saying he would not be using the tool the entire time and removed some of his reserved time post-facto.
3. When I checked at 16:30 Naqian was not using the tool.
4. I decided that I would not like to try for the  17:00 pm time slot on Thursday (available for signup on today at 17:00) but I would like to try for the 21:00-midnight slot.
5. Naqian, who is not using his Sunday time, just signed up for 17:00-midnight on Thursday.
6. Initially I wanted to sign up for time  Tuesday evening, but in this case, Fumin signed up for the 17:00 to midnight block.

May I propose a simple rule change that solves the problem

The maximum amount of time a user can sign up for at one time is 4 hours.  

All other rules stay the same. This was the rule before the new version of Coral was put in place and in fact is even less strict since a user can still try to sign up additional back-to-back 4 hour non-primetime slots.


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