STS time policy.

Mike Daneman mike.daneman at
Tue Feb 10 15:39:44 PST 2004

I'd like to completely agree with what Harshal is proposing. Planning 7 days
ahead is hard enough, planning 10 days is really difficult and it will make
people grab time just in case, even if they're not sure they'll use it.
I like the 3-4 day window suggestion, and I would suggest having the maximum
time slot limit be ~1-2 hours.


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Subject: STS time policy.

dear STS users,

i wanted to make a few comments about the new reservation policy for the
STS users.

1) if i am not wrong, (and please correct me if i am!) the "advance"
time period has now been increased from 7 days to 10 days, and
2) the limit on the reservation slot has been removed, so that a user
can now reserve the machine for as much time as he wants.

i dont see how these two changes will make the situation better. on the
contrary these two changes are like a double-blow and counter
productive, not even, lets say, balancing each other. earlier, the
advance time was 7 days and one would plan his work for 7 days so that
he is able to use the time slot he has reserved. now the user has to
plan his work for 10 days which is difficult than planning for 7 days
since its easier to follow the plans in the near future than far. so if
something goes wrong in processing,  and the user is not ready for his
precious time slot, he has to wait another 10 days instead of 7.

secondly, now that a user can book as much as he wants, he is always
going to give himself a degree of freedom to block a fat time slot. that
means if i am a fraction of a second late in making the reservation, i
am "out of competition" for an indefinite period of time. earlier , with
the 30 min. limit on the reservation slot, i knew that i have another
chance after 30 min. this also means that now for  the next available
time slot, there will be  even more number of users fighting for 'their"
big slot, compared to a fewer number of users fighting for smaller 30
min time slots at a given point of time.

what can be done is:
1) we reduce the "advance" time period for reservation from 10 to 3 or 4
days so that that users are better able to plan and finish their work so
as to be ready for their time slot, since its much easier to see 4 days
ahead than 10 days, and
2) increase the time slot limit from 30 min to 1 hr. or 1.5 hrs. or lets
say, 2 hrs. because thats the time in which a user can get something
done on his current wafer comfortably and will require less
rearrangements with other users.

hope this makes sense and any and every input will be helpful.


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