STS time policy.

Benjamin Chui bchui at
Tue Feb 10 16:22:19 PST 2004

I am fine with the 7-day horizon; I do plan out my process
well in advance so 7 days is not too far in the future.

I agree that the half-hour time slot is too short for the
STS; for users trying to reserve several hours of time in a
contiguous block, it means sitting at the computer all day
not being able to go anywhere (and even that doesn't
guarantee success!).

Let me suggest a short-term fix that might be easy to code
from the software guy's point of view: keep the new rule
that allows long reservations to START on the 7-day or
10-day horizon, but limit the total reservable time to say
2 hours (i.e if the user selects anything more than 4
continous slots, the program will bounce).  Assuming that
users are naturally greedy and tend to reserve the maximum
amount of time possible, this would naturally lead to a
2-hours-at-a-time reservation pattern.

Ben Chui

PS I have to admit I did take advantage of the extended
horizon and grabbed a lot of time for next week--allow me
to explain that I do really need to finish my process by
the end of the month, and once I'm done with this round of
etching I'll be out of the clean room for a looooong time
so I won't be competing with you folks anymore.

 On Tue, 10 Feb 2004 13:50:14 -0800
 Harshal Surangalikar <harshal at> wrote:
> dear STS users,
> i wanted to make a few comments about the new reservation
> policy for the STS users.
> 1) if i am not wrong, (and please correct me if i am!)
> the "advance" time period has now been increased from 7
> days to 10 days, and
> 2) the limit on the reservation slot has been removed, so
> that a user can now reserve the machine for as much time
> as he wants.
> i dont see how these two changes will make the situation
> better. on the contrary these two changes are like a
> double-blow and counter productive, not even, lets say,
> balancing each other. earlier, the advance time was 7
> days and one would plan his work for 7 days so that he is
> able to use the time slot he has reserved. now the user
> has to plan his work for 10 days which is difficult than
> planning for 7 days since its easier to follow the plans
> in the near future than far. so if something goes wrong
> in processing,  and the user is not ready for his
> precious time slot, he has to wait another 10 days
> instead of 7.
> secondly, now that a user can book as much as he wants,
> he is always going to give himself a degree of freedom to
> block a fat time slot. that means if i am a fraction of a
> second late in making the reservation, i am "out of
> competition" for an indefinite period of time. earlier ,
> with the 30 min. limit on the reservation slot, i knew
> that i have another chance after 30 min. this also means
> that now for  the next available time slot, there will be
>  even more number of users fighting for 'their" big slot,
> compared to a fewer number of users fighting for smaller
> 30 min time slots at a given point of time.
> what can be done is:
> 1) we reduce the "advance" time period for reservation
> from 10 to 3 or 4 days so that that users are better able
> to plan and finish their work so as to be ready for their
> time slot, since its much easier to see 4 days ahead than
> 10 days, and
> 2) increase the time slot limit from 30 min to 1 hr. or
> 1.5 hrs. or lets say, 2 hrs. because thats the time in
> which a user can get something done on his current wafer
> comfortably and will require less rearrangements with
> other users.
> hope this makes sense and any and every input will be
> helpful.
> harshal.

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