Hi/lo RF power setting

Mohammed Islam Mislam at activeoptical.com
Fri Feb 13 17:58:25 PST 2004

Fellow STSetch users,
The RF power was found to be set at 300W this morning instead
of 30W that is used for all standard processes. Unfortunately I
notice it when my wafer ran out of resist after a short etch.
User before me also was not aware of the change and has all
his wafers came out bad. Talking to others it seems that many
users are not aware of the low/high RF power option, only
a few user utilize high power setting and as I understand they
are responsible to switch back to low RF power when done.
There were few other instances where machine was left at
high power and resulted in renuining of sebsequent users work.
I wanted to bring this to everybody's attention so that these
instances could be avioded.

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